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In all my training sessions the emphasis is on the human factor and the relational aspect. Then comes the translation of the theories, techniques & concepts into practice.
The training is developed in partnership with the organisation or after an analysis of the requirements and tailored for each group.

The 4 domains of training are :

Assertiveness, customer satisfaction, conflict handling, meeting techniques, constructive feedback, non violent communication and transmitting effectively a difficult message..

Situational Leadership, the Core Qualities of Daniel Ofman, Teambuilding, Organisational Constellations.
Developing and accompanying a leadership scheme.

Intercultural Communication and Diversity Management : how to lead diverse teams.
Development and accompanying a Diversity Policy.

Self Management
Stressmanagement and Emotional Intelligence.

Being Dutch speaking, originating and living in Brussels I also organize training in French & English.
Bilingual training sessions for mixed groups are possible. The participants speak their own language and I talk alternately in both languages. I do favor this type of training because it enhances cooperation, efficiency and group cohesion.

My work is my passion and I continuously attend new training modules. Next to the current training I attend of Johannes B. Schmidt "Systemic Constellation & Inner Navigation" I have certifications in :
- Master-Practitioner in NLP (In Mind)
- Managing across borders in Western Europe & the US (Institute for training in Intercultural Mgt)
- Emotional body work & integrative therapy (Agape)
- Structures of personality and dreamwork (De Gulden Snede)
- Systemic and family constellations (De Gulden Snede)