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As a coach I accompany individuals on their path to awareness and personal growth. Coaching is future oriented and starts with goal settings answering to the aim and requirements of the client. This can cover very different fields : a professional goal, a job re-orientation, a change of behaviour, achieving a project, taking responsibility for change processes, ...

There are moments in life when we question ourselves, the work we do or go through difficult stages in life. At such moments a counsellor can be useful to help us see clearly, to become aware of patterns and entanglements in our life, or to help us make decisions in accordance to our heart and soul.
Together we create a safe environment and explore the beauty and shadow side of life.

Techniques used:

- verbal therapy and light body work
- family constellations
- meditations & visualisations
- dreams as mirror of the soul
- ceremonies
- writing kasàlà's (an African ritual that enhance self confidence and self worth)